Aligned MVMT, is a Vancouver-based mobile and online community helping to restore alignment in the body through education, movement, and self-awareness. Aligned MVMT offers an introspective approach to training and rehabilitation by harnessing the importance of body-awareness on the journey to optimal living. Private and Semi-private training, classes and workshops focus on education of the foundations of the body (The Basics), biomechanics, neuromuscular activation, breath-work and posture. We show you how to improve your functional MVMTs, align your body, and help you transform your exercise and training approach to suit your personal needs.


Hi, I’m Ally Bradshaw, the founder of Aligned MVMT.

My decision to start this company was simple, I wanted to find a way to help people optimize their way of living. I wanted to create a platform that offered high quality education about how to reconnect to the body, how to move correctly in order to attain the highest level of health and fitness, and provide the tools necessary to maintain it with confidence.

Working with students, patients and athletes over the last few years, it became apparent to me that while people were provided with the tools to move, they often don’t do so efficiently enough to prevent injuries, rehabilitate correctly or optimize performance. Coming from a background in Kinesiology and yoga, I thrive on teaching you unique self awareness techniques to help you take back control of your MVMTs and ultimately your body. I’ll work with you to correct dysfunctional patterns in everyday activities, establish a efficient foundational understanding of “The Basics” of MVMT, and build upon your body’s strength and power and harness its potential.

My vision encompasses helping people from all walks of life, to develop and maintain an openness to the potential of their minds and bodies to produce the outcomes they seek.

find the cause of the issue
and not just treat the symptoms