Functional Yoga

Mobile (Home, gym or office) - metro Vancouver, BC
Private (One-on-one) or Semi-private (2-6)
classes and workshops (Request specific)

Private (One-on-one) and workshops

Breath-based MVMT classes founded on the principles of Hatha Yoga teachings, blended with the clinical approach of kinesiology. Functional yoga is MVMT with a purpose. Each class is a fusion of postural alignment, self-awareness, flexibility, stability, strength, and balance. Some benefits may include:

  • Breathing techniques to increase endurance, physical capacity and performance.

  • Basic meditation techniques to calm the body and focus the mind.

  • Breakdown of MVMTs for optimal alignment or injury prevention

  • Techniques for mental and physical recovery from workouts, stress and exhaustion.

Classes are designed for beginner and intermediate level of experience. Living with an injury or have a goal in mind? Let us know and we can customize a practice or create a program specific for your current abilities and needs.


Mobile (Home, gym or office) - metro Vancouver, BC
Private (One-on-one) or Semi-private (2)
group classes (3-15)

Private (One-on-one)

From new beginnings, weight loss, injury prevention, optimizing mobility, building functional strength, to enhancing performance, we create MVMT programs that are custom designed for your unique needs, strengths and goals.

Training sessions rely heavily on the principles of breathing, bracing, trunk stabilization and proper body positions. We work with you to correct dysfunctional MVMT patterns, establish an understanding of foundational MVMT, and build upon your body’s strength and power to improve performance and minimize pain.

Private and Semi-private training begins with a comprehensive initial evaluation (in person or online), designed to determine areas of imbalance, impaired function or malalignment. An individual plan is then developed specifically with your body and goals in mind.

*Group classes do not include an initial evaluation.

Active Rehabilitation

Mobile (Home, gym or office) - metro Vancouver, BC
Private (One-on-one) or semi-private (2) 

Private (One-on-one)  

The Active Rehab program is designed to recover physical function after a traumatic injury such as a motor vehicle accident, sports injury, or work-related accident. This can be a direct referral from ICBC, WSBC, lawyers or therapists. This program is run solely by a Registered Kinesiologist.

A comprehensive initial assessment is first set up (in person) to determine area(s) of injury. Next a MVMT program is designed and modified to include stretches and exercises specific to the area(s) of focus, further assisting us to restore range of motion, improve biomechanics, address muscular imbalances and improve strength and stability.

The ultimate goal of the AR program is to return to optimal MVMT and function as quickly as possible. Post-treatment support is provided with home exercise routines for the patient to incorporate into their healthy and ALIGNED lifestyle.

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Mobile (office) - metro vancouver
Private (One-on-one) or Semi-private (2)
Group classes (3-15)

***Workshops available upon request

MVMT in the workplace is an intervention with specific physical exercises for employees carried out at the work site. Our tailored wellness programs are properly aligned with your workforce and their specific health requirements to achieve optimal living.

We offer a variety of trainings, group classes and workshops on Kinesiology, Active Rehabilitation and Yoga, which aim to advance universal outcomes, such as Quality of Life, productivity, and occupational environment, as well as specific outcomes, such as muscle strength, stability and flexibility.

Don’t wait until the work is done to get going, let us bring MVMT to you!


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